Counseling is offered through telemental health services (video chat). I use, a HIPAA-compliant website for telehealth. This option is available for anyone in the States of Georgia and Florida. If you reside outside of these states, I can assist you in finding a Counseling referral in your state or country.

I offer counseling for: LGBTQ+ Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, International & Cultural Issues (International College Students, International Employees and their Families), Diversity Issues, Empowerment, Women’s Issues, Work-Life Balance, Family Issues, Relationship Issues, Dating, Social Media Overuse, Grief, Personality Issues, and more.


Counseling Vs. Coaching

Counseling focuses on mental health and wellbeing. The counseling process often includes going deep into emotions and discussing how the past affects the present (and what you can do about it!). Counseling works well for many issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction, and more.

Coaching focuses on creating goals and achieving them for personal or professional advancement. The coaching process includes expanding your potential by breaking down barriers to your success. It typically focuses on thoughts and actions that bring you closer to your goal (e.g., starting a business, going back to school, or picking up a new trade).

To schedule an Academic Coaching or Work-Life Balance Coaching appointment, please email me at