I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor (#ACS 3598) and can provide supervision to counselors-in-training in the State of Georgia. Supervision is an integral part of your journey toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

I center my clinical supervision around the discrimination model (Bernard & Goodyear, 1992) which focuses on roles that the supervisor will use over time, and areas of focus for the counselor-in-training as they mature in their clinical skills. The flexibility and growth mindset of the discrimination model allows us to work together to reach the objective of supervision, which is strengthening your skills and competencies as a counselor before full licensure.

Goals of supervision include:

  • client assessment
  • client treatment planning
  • progress notes
  • clinical intervention skills
  • effective consultation skills
  • leadership
  • ethical issues
  • diversity issues
  • legal issues

My roles as your supervisor will begin with my being in the role of teacher, moving into the role of counselor, and ending in the role of consultant. It should be noted that my role may switch back and forth between these three definitions as necessary to ensure your success. In regard to modalities of supervision, I will periodically review tapes of your sessions in order to assess your clinical skills.


  • Individual supervision (one-on-one supervision) – $90 per 90-minute supervision session
  • Triadic supervision (two counselors-in-training sharing the session) – $60 per 90-minute supervision session
  • Group supervision (three to six counselors-in-training sharing the session) – $40 per 90-minute supervision session

To request Supervision, call (404) 345-9693 or email me at Dr.Tara@gettingoverzat.com for more information.